EcoTensil develops yogurt pot lid with pop-out paperboard spoon

EcoTensil develops yogurt pot lid with pop-out paperboard spoon

Sustainable utensil manufacturer EcoTensil has developed a new paperboard lid that folds into a convenient, portable lid when detached from the container.

Made using renewable material, the PopOut SpoonLidz spoon fits to a pot of yogurt over a layer of aluminium foil, with the bowl section of the spoon tucked underneath. When the paperboard lid is removed from the tub, the utensil cut-out can be detached from the circular lid while the tabular bowl folds out to form a spoon for on-the-go consumption.


EcoTensil claimed that the material used to make the PopOut makes it a more sustainable option than plastic packaging solutions, and it also boasts “a significantly lower carbon footprint”. There are additional opportunities for brand owners to use the lid and tab for branding and communication purporses, the California-based innovator added.

 EcoTensil has demonstrated how the spoon works in a video.

The company said that the spoon was a cost-effective packaging option that could increase placement and grab-and-go sales, enhance on-shelf standout, and improve the efficiency of stacking. Its structural strength reduces damage during shipping, eliminates the need for pads between layers, and can eliminate printing on foil and reduce the gauge of foil, the firm said.

An EcoTensil spokesperson said: “EcoTensil’s SpoonLidz PopOut literally pops right out of the lid, and in one easy fold becomes a fun utensil. The PopOut is topped with a thin, printable laminate to keep the utensil sanitary. Its unique fold creates a structural strength unexpected from paperboard utensils – ideal for ice cream, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal and other single-serve food cups.”

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